‘Twas a sunny day for fast friends to meet.
The warmth they shared between their goofy smiles
And joyful greetings flooded their embrace.
They sped to a place full of verve and life
Where hand-in-hand they sallied side by side
To conquer all bazaars ‘til eventide.

And as stars would glow on that eventide
Their faces shone with eager eyes to meet
The bargain vendors parked on every side.
They haggled with sure voices, open smiles.
They drank the blended fruit of carefree life.
They capered ‘round, avoiding Tire’s embrace.

But of course, a couple needs-must embrace
The glut of pleasures worth an eventide.
How few yet pithy hours–this slice of life!
They paused so their vexed appetites could meet
A smorgasbord of dining, tales and smiles.
They supped on Cheer, with Fondness on the side.

In a while, they finished, put gifts aside,
And went away to cuddle, talk, embrace.
The air was sweet and flushed and full of smiles
And filled with the rich musk of eventide.
What destiny that friends should tarry thus!
Then afterwards they savored more of life.

With a cup of kaf, they sang, toasted life,
Relived the old, relived each droll aside.
Their confidential musings oft would meet
With laughs in obscene mirth they could embrace.
As one they walked in fading eventide.
Until… a proposition met with smiles.

For as sure as Lady Luck offers smiles
Was Change about to favor spicy Life.
An ending fit for wondrous eventide:
In ardor were friends bonded, side-to-side.
Intimacy begat a bare embrace.
In longing, flesh and fevered lips did meet.

And in cold and dark did new lovers meet
And joyful cries escaped from anguished smiles
And warm contentment followed each embrace.